• [ October 7, 2013 ]
  • Report says the future is now for clean technologies

The combination of technical improvements and falling costs have led to a rising demand for four clean technologies, according to a recent Department of Energy report. The report suggests the clean energy technologies that once seemed out of reach are ready to revolutionize today’s clean energy market.

In the past five years, onshore wind power, polysilicon photovoltaic modules, LED lighting, and electric vehicles have seen a surge in consumer, industrial, and commercial deployment. While these technologies are still a small percentage of their total market, their presence is growing quickly.

Some key considerations in the success of these four technologies include:

  • In 2012, wind power was the largest single source of new electrical generation.
  • Solar panels are at 1 percent of the cost thirty years ago, and the demand is rising.
  • The electric vehicle market tripled in size in 2012.
  • LED lamps are now less costly, and emit a brighter, better-quality light than the original technology.

According the report, these findings make a case for using well-designed federal and state incentives and investments in research and development, to encourage clean technology and energy research.


A Clean Energy Revolution- Now,

Revolution Now: The Future Arrives for Four Clean Energy Technologies, DOE Report



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