• [ October 17, 2013 ]
  • New One World Trade Center will sport sustainable features

The new One World Trade Center, a 104 story skyscraper that features green technologies throughout, will open it’s doors in the Lower Manhattan area of New York in late 2013. To recognize the building as one of the most environmentally friendly buildings of its size worldwide, the One World Trade Center received a LEED Gold Certification upon completion.

Implemented green technologies include:

Recycled Materials

Nearly 75 percent of the new building will be constructed from “old,” recycled materials which eases the stress on resources as well as reduces the building’s environmental footprint. 

Green Concrete Instead of Cement

Very little cement was used in the construction of the new building. Instead, a material known as “Green Concrete” was used for the majority of the building’s foundation—saving over 30,000 gallons of water and eight million kWh of electricity as well as greatly reducing emissions.

Fuel Cell Technology

The One World Trade Center has one of the world’s largest fuel cell installations that offers 95 percent efficiency, has a 10-year cell stack durability, and a product life of 20 years. The installation will lower energy costs and reduce emissions by using natural gas in a combustion-free process, exhaust heat for cooling and heating, and create energy from waste.

Water Conservation and Rain Collection

The building will use a rainwater collection, distribution, and conservation system that makes use of the nearly 60 inches of rainfall New York City receives annually. The rainwater system uses the water in its cooling, fire-suppression, and irrigation systems, as well as the waterfall memorial for victims of the 9/11 attacks.


The One World Trade Center’s “daylighting” system uses dimmers strategically placed 15′ from glass windows, which automatically sense bright sunlight and lower the intensity of interior lights, thereby reducing overall power consumption.

Source: Green Technologies in the New One World Trade Center, Greener Ideal

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