• [ October 2, 2013 ]
  • Eagle deaths at wind farms assessed

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service scientists have reported that over the past 15 years at least 85 eagles have been killed at U.S. wind farms.

According to the study, the number of bald and golden eagles struck and killed by wind turbines is likely higher, as rigorous monitoring and reporting of eagle deaths have not been in place since the beginning of wind power expansion. Moreover, the study did not include data from Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area in California, where eagle deaths have been reported.

A statement from the American Wind Energy Association said the wind turbines cause fewer eagle deaths than other causes. The group is working with government and conservation groups to find ways to reduce eagle casualties. The new study may help by having identified seasonal variations in eagle strikes for different species.

Though the study was conducted by FWS researchers, its findings were neither endorsed nor rejected by the agency.


Wind Energy Responds to Troubling Report on Eagle Deaths, Huffington Post

Study by FWS scientists confirms 85 eagle deaths from wind farms, Environment & Energy Publishing



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