• [ September 27, 2013 ]
  • DOE announces Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines Project

The Department of Energy (DOE) has announced the Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines project to improve the quality and consistency of commercial building workforce training and certification programs for five key energy-related jobs: Energy Auditor, Commissioning Professional, Building/Stationary Engineer, Facility Manager, and Energy Manager. These guidelines will support the Better Buildings Initiative goal of making commercial buildings 20 percent more energy efficient over the next 10 years, help businesses and communities save money, create new clean energy jobs across the country, and support development of high-quality training programs that will benefit workers, employers, building owners, and policy makers.

The guidelines will include an industry-validated Job Task Analysis (JTA) for each occupation, certification schemes (blueprints), and learning objectives. The DOE and General Services Administration will recognize assessment-based certificate and competency-based certification programs that successfully implement the guidelines and achieve third-party accreditation.

Source: Energy Department Launches Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines Project, DOE




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