• [ August 28, 2013 ]
  • Interactive infographic: Where does clean energy work for us?

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The Clean Energy Works For Us organization has developed an interactive infographic for their website that allows readers to click through various states to see where clean energy is working.

Take Iowa for example:

After clicking on the state, we first see a map indicating where the state’s renewable resources are. Next, we see some quick facts: discovering that one quarter of Iowa’s electricity comes from wind energy, making it the highest in the nation. Iowa is also a leader in the biofuel industry, with multiple facilities and over 300 jobs related to the field. Another project occurring in a Davenport facility is working on designing lightweight parts for vehicle efficiency. After the quick facts, we find a list of job growth in the renewables industry, particularly in wind, fuel, and vehicle efficiency.

Use the infographic here to discover more about other state’s renewable efforts.

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