• [ August 30, 2013 ]
  • Funding Opportunity: NSF – Materials Engineering and Processing (MEP)

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is offering a funding opportunity for Material Engineering and Processing (MEP – PD 13-8092).

The Materials Engineering and Processing (MEP) program supports fundamental research addressing the interrelationship of materials processing, structure, properties and/or life-cycle performance for targeted applications. Research proposals should be driven by the performance or output of the material system relative to the targeted application(s). Research plans driven by scientific hypotheses are encouraged when suitable. Materials in bulk form or focus on special zones such as surfaces or interfaces that are to be used in structural and/or functional applications are appropriate. All material systems are of interest including polymers, metals, ceramics, semiconductors, composites and hybrids thereof. Analytical, experimental, and numerical studies are supported and collaborative proposals with industry (GOALI) are encouraged.

Areas of interest include:

Functional Materials

Materials that possess native properties and functions that can be controlled by external forces such as temperature, light, electric field, pH, etc. These include materials that exhibit properties such as electronic, magnetic, piezoelectric, ferroelectric, photovoltaic, chromogenic, shape memory, thermoelectric or self-healing, etc.

Structural Materials

Materials that, in service, bear mechanical load. Length scales from nano to meso to macro are of interest as are materials in the bulk or in special configuration such as thin film. These include materials such as metals, polymers, composites, biomaterials, ceramics, hybrids, cement, etc.

Materials Processing

Processes that convert material into useful form as either intermediate or final composition. These include processes such as extrusion, molding, casting, deposition, sintering, printing, etc. Proposed research should include the consideration of cost, performance, and feasibility of scale-up, as appropriate. Research that addresses multi-scale and/or multi-functional materials systems is encouraged as is research in support of environmentally-benign manufacturing.

Proposals are due between Sept. 1 – Oct. 1, 2013 and Jan. 15 – Feb. 18, 2014. Due dates repeat annually.

For more information, visit the NSF website, or contact Yick G. Hsuan for structural materials questions at or (703)292-7014 and Mary Toney for materials processing questions at or (703)292-7008.



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