• [ July 25, 2013 ]
  • Request for Information: Interest in Using the Midwest Biomass Gasification Facility?

Argonne National Laboratory has issued a Request for Information to identify potential partners to use its Midwest Biomass Gasification Facility for the fiscal year of 2014. The facility is designed to provide developers with a place to work on producing fuels, chemicals, and energy from biomass and to test and evaluate unit operations without having a facility of their own. Operation of the gasifier for public and/or proprietary research and development will help Argonne and the BETO support the Department of Energy’s (DOE) mission to produce renewable energy, increase energy security, decrease dependence on petroleum, reduce greenhouse gasses, and foster economic development and job creation.

If interested, complete and return responses to by August 9, 2013. Forms and additional information can be downloaded (word document).

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