• [ June 28, 2013 ]
  • Upcoming event: Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Keokuk Dam and Power Plant in Keokuk, IA

Iowa - Keokuk, Lock & Dam 19

This weekend, the town of Keokuk, Iowa will hold a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Keokuk Dam and Power Plant.

The dam and power plant were once considered one of the biggest hydroelectric power plants and dams in the world. They are now a part of Lock and Dam 19. The River City Mall in Keokuk will host a former mobile museum that contains photos taken during the construction of the plant and dam.  A documentary titled, “America’s First Great Dam” will be shown next to the museum. Nearby historical sites also will be open, including the Keokuk Union Depot, the George M. Verity Museum, the Miller House Museum and St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Organizers say the anniversary event will coincide with the annual Hamilton Homecoming Days celebration just across the river in Hamilton, Ill. Events in Hamilton will include a community band concert, a youth dance and a youth fishing tournament.

There will be trolley rides going across the dam between the two cities Friday through Sunday. The trolleys are being borrowed from the Midwest Electric Railway Museum in Mount Pleasant. Visitors can pay $10 to board them from the Illinois side of the river.

Events began Thursday, kicking off with a parade that included the construction of a 10-foot-tall, 36-foot-long mural in Estes Park. It’s expected to be completed by Sunday.

To see a full schedule and find more information on the celebration, visit the Keokuk tourism website.



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