• [ May 3, 2013 ]
  • Tips for homeowners interested in adding solar panels

Homeowners interested in incorporating solar power into their home energy system often don’t know where to begin. The daunting task of installing an unconventional energy source to a home becomes all the more complicated because of the wide array for solar panels and contractors to choose from.

While the outlook may seem bleak for puzzled and overwhelmed customers, solar power experts and homeowners who have  successfully incorporated solar power into their home are excited to offer suggestions for success.

Here are a few helpful suggestions for homeowners considering solar power:

First assess how much energy your home currently uses, then find ways to reduce it. Just by being more conscious of turning off lights and electronics, you can greatly reduce the amount of energy your home uses and as a result, you can purchase a smaller, less costly solar power system.

Pay attention to the solar panel efficiency rating. If you purchase less efficient panels, they are cheaper, but you will need to install more and vice versa for the more efficient panels.

Be sure to check the terms of warranty and estimated degradation rate for each type of panel.

When selecting a contractor to work with, don’t settle with the first one you talk to. Homeowners should talk with at least three contractors before choosing who to work with. It is also a good idea to work with a contractor that has experience in your area, because each city has different regulations and permitting processes for solar installations.

If your solar panels are installed under leases or power-purchase agreements, be sure to fully understand the contract terms before proceeding.

For more suggestions, read the full article: Solar panels puzzle would-be buyers, Ames Tribune.



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