• [ May 21, 2013 ]
  • How to save energy and money on vacation

The Department of Energy asked it’s followers how they save money on energy over summer vacation via #tipsEnergy on Twitter. They suggest that while on vacation, don’t pay for energy at home that you’re not using; here are some simple steps to take before heading out the door to your summer getaway.

Some of the tips included:

  • Turn down the water heater
  • Set the thermostat higher than usual
  • Unplug “energy vampires” such as electronics chargers, coffee grinders, TVs, printers, etc
  • Keep the window shades drawn
  • Make sure all lights are turned off

You can also check out their “Energy Saver” page for more tips on saving money on energy.

#tipsEnergy: Saving Energy During Vacation,
Saving Energy and Money at Home while on Vacation,



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