• [ May 23, 2013 ]
  • Energy Secretary Moniz addressed the DOE on the “new world of energy”

Ernest Moniz delivering his first remarks Tuesday as energy secretary at the EE Global Forum. Photo courtesy of EE Global.

On his second day as Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz spoke of the future of energy in the U.S. during a Town Hall at the U.S. Department of Energy yesterday. Secretary Moniz shared his top priorities for the agency, and highly stressed his dedication to advancing President Obama’s energy plans that include supporting clean energy technologies, and facing climate change head on, saying it’s “an extraordinarily high priority.”

Secretary Moniz recognized that the DOE’s agendas intersect with President Obama’s energy agenda in two critical areas: clean energy and the plan to truly address the planet’s climate.

On Tuesday at the EE Global forum, Dr. Moniz delivered his first public remarks as Secretary of Energy on energy-efficiency. A critical goal, according to Moniz, is the need to pursue a very strong energy-efficiency demand side agenda. He recognized the DOE’s Better Buildings Challenge partners for the first year’s progress toward the Department’s goal of making American commercial and industrial buildings 20 percent more energy efficient by 2020. President Obama introduced the Better Buildings Challenge in 2011, and more than 110 commercial and industrial organizations joined the challenge.

The Secretary was later joined by Deputy Secretary Daniel Poneman for a question and answer session with Department of Energy employees. The Secretary stated one of his main reasons for returning to the DOE is to advance the energy agendas.”It’s a new world of energy in the United States,” he declared.

Secretary Moinz was streaming live yesterday from DOE Headquarters, and the complete broadcast is now available online.

Secretary Moniz Leads DOE Town Hall,



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