• [ May 3, 2013 ]
  • Comprehensive state energy portal from the EIA

A new tool from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) will allow policy makers, energy analysts, and the general public to access state and national energy data in an interactive way.

The state energy portal, found at, helps users visualize and compare each state’s energy resources and infrastructure with interactive maps. Users can adjust the multi-layered maps to see individual production facilities, energy distribution infrastructure, fossil fuel resources, and renewable energy resources across the nation.

The portal also offers a ranking system for each state’s energy production, consumption, and prices to compare data between states and with national levels. Users can also find detailed information on any of the 6,300 power plants in the U.S.

The creation of the state energy portal was in response to requests from policy makers and energy experts for a comprehensive and accessible tool for comparing energy data.

For more information, visit the EIA’s press release: New state energy portal gives users interactive access to customized maps and charts of state energy data.



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