• [ April 17, 2013 ]
  • Students learn about energy efficiency during Math Awareness Month

In April, teachers nationwide are encouraged to teach their students about the mathematics of energy efficiency as part of Math Awareness Month.

In support of Math Awareness Month, the Alliance to Save Energy’s PowerSave Schools program has developed a set of hands-on lessons called Math Counts, which allows for students of all ages to combine math concepts with energy efficient lessons. Through these lessons, students use their math skills to measure their school’s energy use. Students then apply energy efficiency measures to show how energy efficient measures can have a substantial impact on their school’s energy consumption. Understanding┬ánumbers, percentages, and graphs related to energy efficiency will provide students with life-long, practical skills.

Click here for more information on Math Awareness Month, and here for more on the Alliance to Save Energy’s PowerSave Schools program.

Source: Math + Energy Efficiency = Smart Savings, Alliance to Save Energy



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