• [ April 26, 2013 ]
  • Facebook will prioritize energy-efficiency in new Altoona data center

On Tuesday, Iowa officials announced Facebook had selected Altoona for the site of its next data center. Keeping in an industry-leader fashion, Facebook will implement cutting-edge energy efficiency-technology to keep the data center’s costly energy demands low.

Aiming to have the most advanced energy-efficient technologies, Facebook has open-sourced its data center technology to have external experts give energy efficiency suggestions in an Open Compute project. The transparent project has improved Facebook’s server technology and will allow for the energy efficiency information to be shared with others in the data center industries.

“It’s great for the industry, because when Facebook can drive it forward, others can follow suit,” said Bruce Lehrman of Cedar Rapids-based Involta, which manages data centers nationwide. “It’s really interesting to see Facebook talking about taking another leap frog and its exciting to see what they will do with it.”

Along with more advanced server energy¬†efficiency, Facebook wants 25 percent of its data centers energy to come from renewable sources. The accessibility¬†of renewable energy resources, specifically wind energy, was part of Facebook’s decision to build its newest $300 million mega data center in Altoona.

“Our clients are coveting green power,” said John Boyd Jr., a New Jersey consultant who helps companies site data centers. “There’s public relations value above and beyond the economic value of wind energy.”

While the prominent wind energy resources in Iowa is thought to have helped lure Facebook to Altoona, the city’s qualities like Midwest location, technology talent pool, and $18 million dollar tax credit from the state, were also important factors.


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