• [ March 8, 2013 ]
  • Obama meets with energy and climate change experts

President Obama met with a diverse group of more than a dozen energy and climate change experts in an off-the-record discussion on energy and climate change at the White House on Thursday evening.

“The discussion covered a variety of topics including the important role of natural gas in our domestic energy portfolio; new oppportunities for renewables, like wind, solar and advanced biofuels; the importance of clean energy research and development; as well as the promise and potential of increased energy effiency in our homes and businesses,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said today.

Meeting participants included experts from nearly all energy sectors, including companies dedicated to natural gas, electric utilities, biofuels, renewable electricity and efficiency, as well as former government officials, and academics.

Some see the meeting as an early stage of the “national conversation” on how the U.S. will confront climate change. President Obama plans to discuss energy policy next Friday during a trip to Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois.

Source: Energy and Climate on the White House Agenda, The Politics and Government Blog of the Times.



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