• [ March 29, 2013 ]
  • Fourth-grade classroom brings lesson on solar energy to life

This North Carolina fourth-grade classroom brought their lesson on renewable energy to life when they decided to fundraise and build their own solar array to power their classroom.

The class raised over $3,500 through Kickstarter, a crowd-funding website, surpassing thier original goal of raising $800. With this money, the class will be able to build a 1 kilowatt  photovoltaic solar power system to cover their classroom’s energy use, along with other classes in the school.

Here’s what a few of the students had to say about the successful fundraising:

I’m just so happy that so many people care about our project and the environment- Cassie
I am so thankful because this is the biggest dream our class has had and they are making it come true- Ellen
Thank you so much for giving money to support our dream. We are so excited about what will happen- Ella

Through the project, the students will be able to reinforce their classroom lessons on the way solar arrays function and continue to develop their passion for renewable energy.


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