• [ January 3, 2013 ]
  • Nest learning thermostat

It seems as if technology is redefining all corners of our lives, even our unglamorous home thermostats. Tony Fadell, a long-time Apple developer, started the Nest learning thermostat company in November 2011, which gave the typical thermostat a radical change.

Nest controls home energy systems by learning from it’s owner and programming itself. It creates a schedule based on living patterns, and as a result, does not use unnecessary heating and cooling resources. Any homeowner can save energy and money if they program their thermostat correctly, but Nest makes it much simpler.¬†Additionally, Nest can be controlled from a smart phone to further tailor energy usage while homeowners are away.

The product runs at about $250, but Nest developers said they believe energy savings will recoup that amount in just two years.

If you are interested in learning more about Nest, visit:



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