• [ January 16, 2013 ]
  • Iowa State implements new renewable energy landmark on campus

Photo: Kait McKinney/Iowa Energy Center

Early Monday morning on December 17, just three days after Iowa State students wrapped up finals week, the university began implementing a new landmark that would be sure to catch students’ attention when they returned to campus. Iowa State had been working on funding a wind turbine for campus since the summer 2012, and the plan finally became a reality in December.

The wind turbine is located on the northeast side of campus, near the CyRide facility. Assembling this new landmark took only two days, and now rises 160 feet from the ground up to the top of the tallest blade. In comparison to Iowa State’s iconic Marston Water Tower, located on the west side of campus, the turbine runs just eight feet shorter than the tower. This particular wind turbine is a 100kw model and can generate approximately the same amount of energy used in a year by Catt Hall on campus. The turbine is expected to generate 0.12 percent worth of Iowa State’s electricity needs for a year, which equates to about $18,000.

Photo courtesy of Iowa State University

David Miller, associate vice president for facilities planning and management for the university said the turbine is a highly visible landmark, which reflects Iowa State’s support for renewable energy. He also says Iowa State thinks the turbine is practical and that the university can get at least 15% of its power from wind energy or other renewable energy sources. Miller also knows of a university project that is currently working on ways to reduce its dependence on the campus coal plant by 40 percent. The winter season is the best time for a wind turbine as wind levels are at their highest. He also pointed that the price for wind energy is more practical for Iowa State since the turbine vendor, PUREnergy of Ohio, will able to attain tax credits and renewable energy rebates. There is no word, however, if Iowa State plans to implement more of these energy-producing icons, but the university does have plans to keep campus as environmentally friendly as possible.

Source: Wind turbine is symbol of renewable energy, Iowa State University

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