• [ January 3, 2013 ]
  • A simple, yet cost-effective change in U.K. supermarkets

Not much makes sense about leaving a refrigerator door open, so why do almost all supermarkets keep vegetable, meat, and dairy coolers open?

U.K. supermarket chain, the Co-operative, decided to put doors on all refrigerators in 100 of their supermarkets and estimates an annual savings of $80 million. Aside from the cost savings, massive amounts of cooling energy will be saved.

One hesitation that supermarkets have is a change for customer may scare them from making a purchase. Co-operative equipped the coolers with LED lights and has reported that customers are satisfied with this change.

Learn more about how the simple idea can have a big impact in supermarkets, in the article Supermarket is saving $80 million a year just by putting doors on its refrigerators from Grist.






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