• [ December 12, 2012 ]
  • How to set your TV so you can save money

If you’re thinking of upgrading your current television system, why don’t you go for a TV that will hep you save money in the future? Many TVs today are now Energy Star certified. Before 2009, Energy Star certification was granted to television sets that absorbed very little power when being turned off. Three years ago, Energy Star got tougher on energy use standards for high power display televisions. The amount of energy a TV is allowed to use to meet Energy Star certification is based on size and resolution.

When shopping for a new high definition television, look for the Energy Star seal to know that the television is approved to practice energy-efficient methods. But, be aware that those televisions that are being displayed at the store are programmed to display the content in a retail setting, meaning the the bright, blaring appearance should only be used at electronics stores. The colors are pushed to the extreme, and the sharpness is set at a maximum level to entice customers to purchase that TV. Under fluorescent lights the television set is appealing, but it is not the right setting for home use. This kind of setting will also break your wallet when your utility bill arrives.

Before using the television for whichever movie you’d like to watch, make sure the TV is set in “movie” or “cinema” mode. This will give your TV the right color balance to ensure the TV is using just the right amount of energy. To be comepltely safe, you can always purchase a DVD that will guide you on how to perfectly adjust your TV settings. By making sure your TV is set at the proper levels for your specific television set, you won’t have to worry about your TV sucking up excess energy.

Source: How to Get the Most Savings out of Your Energy-Efficient HDTV, Treehugger




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