• [ November 21, 2012 ]
  • UK film depicts renewable energy as savior of humanity

Photo courtesy of The Hybrid Project - Air - The Film Vimeo trailer


A new science fiction movie is set to begin filming at the end of February that will focus on one thing: wind air. ‘The Hybrid Project’ decided to come out with this film focusing on renewable wind energy. ‘AIR’ is set to be made at the V&A Museum in London. The film is said to contain beautiful images of onshore turbine farms, explore the technical side of turbine design and also experiment with the imagery of wind turbine design in an uncommon way. The film about life in a subterranean living facility that hs been inhabited for a long, unknown period of time. The people living in the facility  belive that Earth was destroyed by apalypitc windstorms. Their history tells them that life in the facility is a test by higher power and if they demonstrate their faith in this idea that, will be rewarded with a second life on earth.

Project originator Hayley Nebauer says The Hybrid Project is to “produce a polished example of how hybrid design can be used to create in collaboration with others.”

The Hybrid Project is a voluntary, creative endeavor  between designers, artists and film-makers who collaborate together to explore “Hybrid Design,” which is the fusion of two or more contrastic design aesthetics. The film is to be directed by Emma Maclennan.

If you want to see this project a reality, you can help them fundraise.

Source: The Hybrid Project – Air – The Film,

Wind Turbine Community, Facebook


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