• [ November 1, 2012 ]
  • There’s an app for that – lighting control at the tip of your finger

“Clap on, clap off” won’t be the most effortless, inexpensive way to control your lighting anymore. Let Philips and Apple introduce you to Hue, the personal wireless lighting system Philips calls the
“world’s smartest light bulb”.

So, what can Hue do for you?

This web-enabled LED lighting system allows consumers to essentially control all aspects of their home lighting systems. A free mobile app allows consumes to change the colors of the light bulbs, adjust the brightness, or turn the lights on and off even if you’re in a different room. So it seems, the Clapper is a thing of the past.

Philip’s senior director Filip Jan Depauw told blog Mashable that consumers have the power to create whatever ambience they choose. “We won’t tell you what do to. You create your own mood,” he told the blog site.

On the app, consumers will be able to choose different scenes that create certain moods like sunset, deep sea, beach and hammock. Consumers will also be able to customize their own scenes and save them for future use, such as that perfect lighting you need to get ready in the morning. Hue can also act as a security system. Consumers will be allowed to set a schedule for the bulbs to go on and off at certain times so you will be able to create the illusion someone is home.

Consumers will also be able to use the timer option and turn Hue into a wake up call. Hue has an option to set the bulbs to gradually brighten over time. You’ll be able to create a scene using orange and yellow hues to create your own personal sunrise. Better than the traditional alarm clock, right?

How to get the Hue set up:

Hue starter kits and bulbs will be sold exclusively in Apple stores for $199. A starter kit consists of three bulbs and one wireless bridge that plugs into your home router. Additional bulbs are $59 each. Replace your standard light bulbs with the Hue bulbs. Your router will automatically identify the bulbs. After downloading the app (Apple or Android) on your wireless device, you’re ready to start up your new bulbs.

Watch Philip’s video of Hue to learn more.

Source:  Apple Will Sell App-Enabled, ColorChanging Light Bulbs



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