• [ November 30, 2012 ]
  • Online video series explains the facts and myths of LED lighting


LED lighting is becoming more popular and prominent as it saves energy and money.  A new video series from has been launched in order to help electrical contractors get ready for the changes and LED opportunities in the future. However, it’s not just intended for contractors. The videos are packed with simple introductions to LED technology.

Part 1 presents LEDs as a remarkable energy-saving possiblity. DOE Lighting Program Manager Dr. James Brodrick explains the advantages of this lighting system and where to look for more information on LEDs.

Part 2 features Dr. John Curran, LED expert. Curran explains the shift of LED novelty lighting to mainstream use of the lighting system. This video stresses the importance of understanding technology myths and facts to evaluate LED products effectively.

Source: Getting ready for LEDs: LED Lighting Video series Explains the Basics,



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