2008 Annual NH3 Fuel Conference

Ammonia Conference – The Key to US Energy Independence

September 29-30, 2008 • Minneapolis, MN


Some available in PDF format with presenter’s permission.

Monday, Sept. 29
– Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center

– Ted Hollinger, Hydrogen Engine Center

– Shawn Grannell, Don Gillespie, Dennis Assanis, Stani Bohac, University of Michigan

– Song-Charng Kong, Iowa State University

– Bill Kumm, Artic Energies Ltd and C.B. Panchal, Argonne National Lab

– Bill Leighty, The Leighty Foundation

– Mike Reese, University of Minnesota – Morris, and Cecil Massie, Sebesta Blomberg and Associates

– David Lockard, Alaska Energy Authority, Gwen Holdmann and Dennis Witmer, University of Alaska – Fairbanks, and Nick Szymoniak, University of Alaska – Anchorage

– Neal Rauhauser, Dave Bradley, and Larry Bruce, Third Mode Energy

– Jason Ganley, NHThree LLC

– J.H. Lee, J.H. Park and O.C. Kwon, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

The Equilibrium Dichotomy in Ammonia Cracking – Ron Hodkinson, Diverse Energy

Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008
– William Ahlgren, California Polytechnic State University

– Tony Garcia and Ron Hill, Hill Brothers Chemicals, Gary Smith, Ammonia Safety and Training Institute

– Gordon Nyquist and Steve Boergert, Mackinaw Associates

– Henrik Nybo Petersen, Tue Johannessen, and Debasish Chakraborty, Amminex A/S

– Jakob Engbaek, Danish Technical Institute

– Patrick Desrochers, University of Central Arkansas

An Economic and Energy Analysis of Ammonia Production from Conventional and Renewable Energy Sources – Jeff Bartels, Iowa State University

– Bob Fagerstrom, Dakota Gasification

– Steve Gruhn and Barry Sackett, Freedom Fertilizer LLC

– Nigel Sammes and G. Restuccia, Colorado School of Mines, Jason Ganley, NHThree LLC

– Zhiping Le, Shaobo Deng, Paul Chen, and Roger Ruan, University of Minnesota

– Jack Robertson, Northwest Hydrogen Alliance

– Vito Agosta and James Harbach, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

– Mark Huberty, University of Minnesota

– Rebecca Dunn and Keith Lovegrove – Australian National University

– John Holbrook, AmmPower LLC

Meeting Organizers
John Holbrook, AmmPower, 509-396-2082,
Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center, 515-382-1774,
Mike Reese, University of Minnesota, West Central Research and Outreach Center, 320-589-1711,