2007 Annual NH3 Fuel Conference

Ammonia – Sustainable, Emission Free Fuel

October 15 & 16, 2007 • San Francisco, CA


Some available in PDF format with presenter’s permission.

Monday, October 15

Gary Yee, California Air Resources Board, Keynote

Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center

Keith Stokes, Stokes Engineering

Mike Reese, University of Minnesota–Morris

Energy-Water Nexus Update
Bill Kumm, Arctic Energies Ltd., and C.B. Panchal, Argonne National Laboratory

Jason Ganley and John Holbrook, NHThree LLC

Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center, and John Holbrook, AmmPower LLC

Bill Leighty, The Leighty Foundation

Paul Brown, West Virginia University

Homer Wang, utMOST Technologies Inc.

Henry Brandhorst and Bruce Tatarchuk, Auburn University, Space Research Institute

E lectrolysis of Ammonia Effluents – An Energy Recovery Process
Gerri Botte, Ohio University

Andy McFarlan, Natural Resources Canada

Tuesday, October 16

Ted Hollinger and Don Vanderbrook, Hydrogen Engine Center

Vito Agosta and James A. Harbach, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Song C. Kong, Iowa State University

Jack Robertson and Preston Michie, Northwest Hydrogen Alliance

Shawn Grannell, Stani Bohac, Dennis Assanis, Donald Gillespie, University of Michigan

Rakesh Leeladhar, Shawn Grannell, Stani Bohac, Dennis Assanis, University of Michigan

Link to CBC Video Clip
Greg Vezina, Hydrofuel Inc.

Homer Wang, anh3.org

Bill Lear, University of Florida

Debasish Chakraborty, Amminex A/S

Jason Ganley, NHThree LLC

Karl Kordesch, V. Hacker, P. Kalal, G. Faleschini, Technical University Graz, and Robert Aronsson, Apollo Energy Systems

Progress in Small Ammonia Crackers
Ron Hodkinson, Fuel Cell Control/Diverse Energy Ltd

Development of Mini Ammonia Reformers – An Overview
Anand Chellappa, Intelligent Energy Inc.

Controlling the Risk and Hazard of Ammonia
Gary Smith, Ammonia Safety and Training Institute, and Anders Lindborg, Ammonia Partnership AB

John Holbrook, AmmPower LLC