2006 NH3 Fuel Conference

Ammonia – The Key to US Energy Independence

Monday and Tuesday , October 9 & 10, 2006
Denver West Marriott, Golden, CO

Presentations: Some available in PDF format with presenter’s permission.

Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center

Daniel Tse, General Electric Energy

Richard Sheppard, Rentech, Inc.

Johanna Levene, NREL

Gerri Botte, Ohio University and John Holbrook, AmmPower LLC

Bill Kubic, Los Alamos National Lab

Mike Reese, University of Minnesota, West Central Research and Outreach Center

George Thomas, US DOE/Sandia National Laboratories (ret.) and George Parks, ConocoPhillips

William Kumm, Arctic Energies Ltd.

Preston Michie, Northwest Hydrogen Alliance LLC

Jason Ganley, Howard University

Bill Leighty, Leighty Foundation

Arnold Miller, Vehicle Projects LLC

Ray Hattenbach, Chemical Marketing Services

Dave Bloomfield, Analytic Power Corp.

Robert Graupner, Oregon Sustainable Energy

Tue Johannessen, Amminex A/S

Patrick Desrochers, University of Central Arkansas

Ted Hollinger, Hydrogen Engine Center

Pinakin Patel, Fuel Cell Energy Corporation and Randy Petri, Versa-Power Systems

Jason Ganley, Howard University

Coal Gasification Worldwide
Fred Palmer, Peabody Energy

Tom McSweeney, Battelle Columbus & John Holbrook, AmmPower LLC

John Holbrook, AmmPower LLC